How can I prolong the life of my candle?

To prolong the life of your soy candle, ensure you allow the wax pool to heat up and melt to the edge of the container. This should take around 2-3 hours and ensures all of the soy wax is burned cleanly and evenly, preventing a “tunnelling” effect.

How can I burn my candle safely?

Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Remove all packaging before burning.
Keep away from drafts.
Ensure candle is placed on a flat, heat resistant surface.
Do not burn candles for more than 4 hours at a time.
Keep wax pool free from debris.
Do not burn candle all the way down; discontinue use when the last 1cm of wax is remaining.
Use a candle snuffer to extinguish candle; do not use water or any other liquid.
Burn candle within sight at all times; do not leave candle burning unattended.
Always leave at least 10mm between burning candles.

What should I do if I experience soot from my candle?

Ensure wick is trimmed to 5mm before each burn and candle is burned in an area free from drafts. Excess soot from a candle occurs where the wick is too high, resulting in incomplete combustion of the cotton wick.

Soot on the inside of your candle container can be removed with a damp cloth, making your candle ready to enjoy again.

Why can’t your soy pillar candles be used in hurricane lamps?

As we use soy wax in our pillar candles, we do not advice burning our soy pillar candles in glass containers including lanterns and hurricane lamps. This is due to soy wax being a softer wax than, say paraffin for example, which means the heat generated would result in the pillar candle melting quickly.

How can I prevent my candle from tunnelling?

Tunnelling occurs when your candle has not been burned long enough for the full melt pool to be achieved to the edge of the container.

As candles have a ‘memory’, the first burn is essential to ensure a full melt pool is achieved.

Are Bliss Delights Plastic Free?

Yes! As an eco-friendly business, we do not use any plastic.

Everything in our packaging is plastic free. The packaging tape we use is made of paper.

As an alternative to bubble wrap, we use biodegradable packing peanuts comprised of cornstarch which can either be placed in your compost heap or garden waste bin. Alternatively, the biodegradable packing peanuts can be placed in a sink filled with water to dissolve.

We do not use clamshells, instead our wax melts are packaged in biodegradable glassine bags and cardboard boxes.

Our bath bombs and pillar candles are also packaged in colourless biodegradable and compostable film made from cellulose, which can be placed in your garden waste bin. The cost for plastic free materials may be more expensive but we think it’s worth it - Planet over Profit!

Why do Bliss Delights tealights come without plastic cups?

We have never used plastic tealight cups for the same reason outlined in the above FAQ. However, we do have the option to add sustainable glass tealight holders with each purchase of our soy tealights. 

Why do Bliss Delights use soy wax?

We really think this question should be why wouldn’t we use soy wax?!

We use pure, creamy soy wax as it is biodegradable, sustainable and derived from a renewable source; vegetable soy beans.

Soy wax is an excellent vegan friendly alternative to paraffin wax, which is derived from petroleum. Whilst lit, paraffin candles release toxins, chemicals and soot into the environment.

We do not use beeswax as bees are essential for our planet. It takes bees an entire lifetime to produce one tablespoon of honey, which is produced by bees to get them through the winter.